OAS CustomizationWith OAS, OEMs and systems integrators can build custom solutions for automation and monitoring

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators need a platform that minimizes integration efforts while maximizing flexibility. When developing a solution for resale, it must meet the individual needs of many customers. Each installation comes with its own unique challenges. Many other products allow for connectivity between systems and provide tools for doing so. Yet they often lack either full customization options or licensing that hinders products from being viable. The OAS Platform is a clear advantage in terms of connectivity, customization, and flexible licensing.

Unparalleled Connectivity

Native Device Drivers
OAS includes native drivers for Allen Bradley, Siemens, and MODBUS devices, as well as the ability to move data from OPC servers and clients. Using native drivers, data transfer speeds are maximized over the use of intermediate OPC servers.

Built into the OAS Platform are database drivers for high speed logging to MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite and more. Additionally, using the Recipe feature, OAS can consume data from any supported database for real time data access

Non-standard or Proprietary Interfaces
Using the OAS Universal Data Interface (UDI) you can write drivers that read and write data from proprietary or non-standard APIs and applications. These are first-class drivers within the OAS Platform and can then be configured visually or programmatically within the built-in tools.

Customization Features

SDKs for Any Development Platform
Whether you are a .NET or Web developer, and no matter what language or development platform you prefer, OAS has solutions for the creation of fully customizable HMIs or user interfaces. Included with every installation of the OAS platform are components and libraries, and with the OAS REST API real time and historical data can be delivered to any client. Additionally, the full platform can be programmatically configured to ease rollouts or to support your own custom configuration tools.

Private Labeling for Configuration Tools
With a simple configuration file, the built-in configuration applications can be branded with your company logo, documentation, and titles. This allows you to ship a packaged product to your customers that maintains your company brand and messaging.

Deployment Flexibility
Networking is at the core of the OAS Platform, so you’re free to build a solution that features independent installations at customer sites. You can also deploy OAS so that data is centrally managed within your own company. Or, you can choose a hybrid approach to get the best performance and control of your data. OAS even has server runtimes for both Windows and Linux so you can work with the greatest number of customers and cater to their architectural preferences.


The OAS Platform is licensed at the data source and based on the features and number of data points being tracked. This means that unlimited clients and applications can access the data with no additional cost. Also, all of the configuration tools can be used from any number of local or remote clients with no additional cost.

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