Where does Open Automation Software fit into it?

Internet-of-Things-Hex-IconThe Internet of Things (IoT) was a term initially used to describe the perceived future where everyday physical objects would be connected either wirelessly to each other, or to the internet, to allow them to be used more cohesively. On a domestic level, imagine your fridge being able to recognize you’re out of milk, eggs and juice, so it automatically orders replacements to be delivered using your account.

While not many of us are this integrated with the Internet of Things at home, the concept is already well used in much of our industrial sector. Entire production lines can be connected and managed from websites, software systems with emergency procedures, redundancy programs and data history logging.

Production of everything from food and drinks, to advanced electrical components, vehicles etc. while once managed from the manufacturing plant can now be controlled from anywhere in the world. If used properly, systems can be refined to reduce waste, save energy, increase production and improve quality.

This advancement of the industrial sector has also been labelled Industry 4.0, but we’ll delve into that another day.

For office buildings an integrated “Internet of Things” style system could combine security cameras, lighting, thermostats, speaker systems, cars and other appliances. Meaning security matters can be monitored quickly, staff know where company cars are located and when they need refuelling, you can securely open and lock doors, climate control the building for more efficient energy use and improve many more processes to make things more efficient.

So where does Open Automation Software fit into IoT?

Open Automation Software has developed a complete suite of software applications that can be customised to access, record and control everything from basic security systems to whole production lines and even international logistics.

Our HMI and SCADA toolkits are designed to promote the free flow of data and support a wide range of third party controls and add ins. Just take a look at how some of our clients have used OAS for large scale systems;

Case Study: AES Wind TurbinesAES-wind-generation-protecting-bats-turbine
Maintaining thousands of wind turbines across the US, AES Wind Generation found migrating bats were frequently killed by the turbines. A flexible HMI solution utilized the existing SCADA setup, helping them develop a process to reduce the impact on bats while keeping energy production losses to a minimum. Read more…

Case Study: NREL Solar Cells
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory utilize our software in the research and development of some of the most advanced solar cells in the world. Read more…

Case Study: JBT AeroTechAirport
Using Open Automation Software, JBT AeroTech have created an airport monitoring system linking everything from maintenance management systems to aircraft avionics data, baggage handling, ground support and more. This has improved airport operations, reduced missed connections and aircraft time in air, saving millions of dollars. Read more…

Open Automation Software has the experience and flexibility to develop a system that streamlines your production and saves you money. To learn more about our automation software products contact your OAS Sales Representative toll free in the US on 1-800-533-4994 or for international enquiries call 1-303-679-0898.

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