The fastest OAS Platform yet!

The latest release of the OAS Platform is a major milestone in performance improvements over several features. You can take advantage of these dramatic speed boosts by simply updating your existing installations. Some of the highlights include:

  • Improved data processing for write operations from client applications up to 200,000 writes per second
  • Improved Data Route processing, with support for up to 200,000 Tags per operation
  • Improved speed of data networking, now supporting up to 300,000 values per second
  • Greatly improved Oracle Data Logging speeds through bulk copy
  • PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQLite now support 1 millisecond data recording
  • Major performance improvements for the MQTT Connector

New and Improved Features

In addition to the performance enhancements, OAS v12 also includes additional features and improvements to existing features.

  • The .NET Data Connector has been updated to support .NET Standard 2.0, allowing client applications to be written to deploy to non-Windows platforms such as Linux, Android, iOS and more. This supports both real time data access as well as automated OAS Platform configuration
  • MQTT has been added as a destination to Data Route, allowing for new classes of cloud integrations
  • Services have been consolidated into the OAS Engine, including MQTT, AWS, Azure IoT, and the OAS REST API
  • Database connectors including PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, SQLite, and Cassandra have also been consolidated into the OAS Engine
  • Added high-precision Date and Time field support for Data Historian while maintaining backward compatibility with pervious versions of Oracle, MS SQL Server, and mySQL database engines
  • Miscellaneous improvements such as HTML report generation in the Reports product
  • Updated Automated Reports to the latest Active Reports 13
  • Improved Modbus support

Database Benchmarks

With all of the new speed upgrades, we’ve also performed some new benchmark testing of the  Data Historian product to help you choose the best DB engine for your solution.

Read more about OAS Data Historian Performance Benchmarks >>


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