Find out how our world class systems can be used to piece together all elements of your business into one cohesive system.

1. Connect

With Open Automation Software you can connect to almost any industrial data source – controllers, frameworks, protocols and databases. This means anything from manufacturing lines, to power stations and even air traffic control systems.

Sources include:

OAS IoT Data Communications

  • Modbus
  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • OPTO
  • OPC
  • .NET
  • REST
  • Java Script
  • MQTT
  • Excel
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • mySQL
  • Access
  • Azure IoT
  • Amazon Web Services
  • and more

2. Data Processing

All data is processed and logged live at the source, with full store and forward. This means there’s no risk of data loss in the event of network failure. All your data is rendered in open format with resolution down to 100 nanoseconds.

3. Built On Distributed Network Architecture

Because our distributed networks use Live Data Cloud, you can host live data with any Windows PC without any risk of data loss that can occur with typical cloud architectures. Networking features allow you to forward, redirect and host data at the data source. You can send and receive data securely through any corporate network, even without internet access.

4. Data Transport and Security

Data is transported through a lightweight protocol using compressed, securely encrypted data packets. Full client and server confirmation of delivery of data at each end ensures the quality of data transported, and there is no limit to the number of security profiles you can create.

5. Data Destinations

You can visualize, analyze and deploy data within your organization, to any existing platform of your choice. This can be done through web, Windows, Smartphones, databases, and a variety of file formats. We provide your developers and system integrators full programmatic access to all data and configuration in open format. There’s also a range of free HMI symbols available for download, so your programmers can put together a visually engaging user interface.

See how an OAS system such as this came together for Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers.

Cost-Effective Licensing

Our licencing is based on three simple factors;

  1. The number of tags you need to connect to
  2. The number of OAS products needed to connect your data sources
  3. Whether you need a networked or stand-alone system

You can still deploy unlimited client applications within each Distributed Network Architecture enabled server.

For more information about how OAS can streamline your business and protect your data, either contact us, request a quote online, or download a trial version of Open Automation Software.

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