A whole new way of building and deploying HMIs, user interfaces, and full web applications using a no-code in-browser IDE.

OAS is thrilled to announce a major new product feature: the Open UIEngine. This self-contained IDE and application server allows you to build and deploy web-based automation solutions without the need to write code or manage web servers. With the addition of the UIEngine, the OAS Platform becomes a more fully-featured, end to end automation tool, while reducing the time it takes to roll out your new applications. And using the robust networking features of OAS, you can now create enterprise-level web applications with a unified UI, driven by aggregated real time data from around the world.

OAS UIEngine
Highlights of the UIEngine include:

 No Code UI Builder

Create fully-functional web applications and HMIs using visual design tools and components. Place elements on screens, arrange screen hierarchies, style component colors, borders, and fonts, and bind component properties to OAS Tags. Components can even handle user interaction such as clicks or value changes, triggering Tag updates all the way back into your connected devices, all without writing a single line of code. You’re even able to modify application themes to match your own company branding. The web-based IDE can be used locally or from remote workstations, so creating and modifying applications can be done wherever you may be.

 Rich Component Library

Every UI designer needs a rich set of components to give you the freedom to create the application features you require. The UIEngine includes several customizable elements to achieve most tasks. These include, but are not limited to basic input fields (e.g. buttons, dropdowns, labels, checkboxes…), complex input components such as simple and multi-position switches, design elements like images, shapes, and industrial symbols. And no HMI tool is complete without customizable gauges (both radial and linear). And last but not least, the UIEngine is bundled with components for trends, alarms and even raw historical data.

 Project and Screen-level Security

The OAS Platform already gives you the ability to assign granular permissions to Users and Groups. The UIEngine taps into these security configurations for applying access rights to projects and screens within the application. This allows you to assign roles to users for designing screens within specific areas of your application without exposing private administrative data to operators or end-users.

 Data Driven

At the core of the UIEngine is the OAS Platform, which provides connectivity to virtually any IoT and IIoT device. Each data point or OAS Tag has hundreds of properties along with the current real time value. Every one of these properties can be used to drive UI component behavior. For example, you can change an element color when a value goes outside of a given range. And you can even trigger behavior when your data source becomes disconnected, so your UI won’t display erroneous data in the event of a network error.


Every configuration within the applications created in the UIEngine can be exported and imported into new servers. This makes it simple to develop screens and functionality in one environment, and then deploy changes to a production server. Configurations are JSON documents, so you can even automate deployment to multiple servers when you bring a new location online.

 Optional Public Mode

Do you have a need to develop a public facing dashboard with your most important live metrics? Would you like to display a screen on a factory floor without requiring a login? The UIEngine lets you marks screens as public, and they can even be given a friendly URL for sharing with other users without requiring a secure credential. And combined with OAS Platform security configurations, these public data points can be marked as read-only, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized data updates.

Full online OAS UIEngine documentation is available for you to see each feature in detail.

Because the UIEngine is in beta release form, additional features or modifications may be added at any time.
Downloading and installing the OAS Platform will include the UIEngine, and customers can evaluate it in their environment.
Any issues encountered during your evaluation should be reported to support@oasiot.com and will be given priority as we prepare the UIEngine for full release.

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