Shippensburg WWTP – Monitoring waste water contaminants with OAS

Shippensburg WWTP is a 3.0 MGD facility servicing the city of Shippensburg PA, and is the first plant of its kind in Pennsylvania to respond to tighter government regulations regarding the discharge levels of ammonia, phosphorous and nitrogen.

The process required the control of the level of nitrates in the effluent stream based on influent flow and current levels of dissolved oxygen in the system. Furthermore, nitrate re-circulation based on flow needed to be controlled, while also monitoring the dissolved oxygen levels in each tank based on flow and existing DO levels. Another need was the consistent control of Ferric Chloride to the system as required, and based on influent flow

As a Subcontractor to the General Contractor on a multi-million dollar plant expansion, FEC supplied a turnkey control and information system in full compliance with the project’s plans and specifications. As such FEC contributed to the plan as follows:

  • Defined the Control and Information System architecture.
  • Developed a detailed sequence of operation, graphic operator interface and plant reporting requirements.
  • Created detailed control panel construction drawings, including Bills of Material and schematic wiring diagrams
  • Manufactured and tested 23 PLC and motor control panels
  • Performed Factory Acceptance Testing, start-up site acceptance, and operator training.

System Components
Custom .Net Smart Client SCADA application using OPC Systems.Net and OPC Servers. Providing remote access without the use of web browser.

  • Microwave Data radios for remote pump station communications
  • Dell computers – Model Precision 380
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Laptop computer
  • Remote Alarm Notification
  • Modicon PLCs (Quantum & Momentum)
  • Square D Model VFDs, variously sized
  • Networking devices

“I have been using Open Automation Software for about two years now and I can’t tell you how nice it is to have the tools to build a quality HMI/SCADA system.

OAS not only makes it easy to create high quality graphic oriented applications it also makes reporting, Alarm and historical data collection a quick and painless process. The fact that OAS uses Microsoft Visual Studio means that no matter what a customer requests, it is possible. Some of the other HMI products that I have worked with have had limitations that led to disappointment on our customer’s part.

Over the last two years I have been amazed how often new features have been added to the product. It seems like almost monthly there is some new enhancement. There are very few industrial products that keep up with the technology the way the Open Automation Software does. But I have yet to have an incident where a new feature has caused issues with an application that I am working on. It appears that Open Automation Software does a very good job of testing before new releases.

Since we started working with Open Automation Software I have had the opportunity to request additional features that would make a difference to a particular project, Open Automation Software was very responsive and usually would incorporate those features into their product or at least give me guidance as how to accomplish what I was requesting. Try that with some of the other HMI/SCADA software manufactures. In short Open Automation Software’s Technical support is top notch.

The cost factor alone was enough to get me to try Open Automation Software. The unlimited client seats means that there is no guess work in quoting the commercial software cost for a given project. This alone can save several hours and tens of thousand dollars on medium to large projects. However implementing a project with OAS has also saved me time which has reduce the overall engineering cost and allowed us to pass this saving along to our customers.

All in all, I have to say that my experience with Open Automation Software has been great.” Paul Wheeler – Software Engineering Manager – FEC Technologies.- York, PA


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