Remote Process Alarms – creates Building Automation and Process Control Systems using OAS

Welcome to the ‘Next Generation’ of Alarm and Systems Management for your Building Automation or Process Control Systems

Watch*IT OPC TM 
(Web-based Alarms, Trends, Continuous Historian
– Information Technology)

Watch*IT OPC – a web based “cloud” for managing and distributing HVAC, environmental, plant floor, and manufacturing information.

Need to see data from your oil and gas well online? Then Watch*IT is for you. By using a Level 0 WIST OPC Server, you can watch your well anywhere, anytime…….you can even follow it on Twitter!

Absolutely no programming is required! If you can follow these four simple steps, you can be viewing data in the Watch*IT Web Portal in no time:

Drag and Drop your preferred or favorite tags onto the grid and see the latest data and a 24 Hour trend suddenly appear!

The OPC technology already in place at your facility means that you are well on your way to having real-time and historical data available on your personalized web portal and mobile device – it doesn’t matter the vendor – as long as you have the OPC server available – the data can be mined and managed! What can you do with this data once it is being monitored by Watch*IT?

Create an “ON Call” schedule to rotate which user in an automation or facilities group gets the critical notifications! Let’s face it, the licensing cost of SCADA and HMI software is prohibitive of getting users other than production personnel data access. Watch*IT solves that problem by making process, environmental and utilities data available to all users within you facility. The security features allow you to expose tags and groups of tags only to the users that the system administrators decide. In the near future, we will be adding industry standard devices for electrical, gas, temperature, and Humidity that you can simply plug into your automation network and then the devices will instantly become available on your Watch*IT Portal. Need to watch your manufacturing facility in another city, state, or country? No problem, Watch*IT is for you. Watch*IT allows your staff to be pro-active with alarm and event occurrences and how they are handled. Unlike a typical alarm and email delivery service, Watch*IT allows you to direct the notifications to the correct users and groups. Let’s face it, the low level alarm system present in current alarm notification systems just aren’t flexible enough in today’s streamlined environment. From one convenient web-portal site, your users can access data from all process, environmental, and building management systems from one convenient access point. Welcome to Watch*IT! Come on over to Watch* and try it out.
Create an “ON Call” schedule to rotate which user in an automation or facilities group gets the critical notifications!
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Watch*IT OPC (Features)
1. Setup and distribute information to users of the portal – assign tags and tag groups to select users or departments.
2. Turn on critical and informational alarms for users assigned to a particular group (i.e. HVAC, Facilities, and Operations).
3. Create your own “personal portal” to display your favorite tags.
4. Set-up “personal alerts” to be notified when information changes.
5. Email Alerts.
6. MMS Text Alerts.
7. Web Based Trends.
8. Excel Downloads of data.
9. Create an OnCall schedule to ensure coverage 24/7.
“By using the OPCSystems.NET components, we were able to concentrate on the business problems we were trying to solve and not worry about OPC issues as we developed WatchIT*OPC. OPCSystems.NET allowed for the rapid application development we were looking for our back office OPC needs……”
– Jeff Steele, Remote Process Alarms LLC

Publish Date: January 6th 2011

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