Geomation – Using OAS to improve precision measurement and monitoring

Geomation manufactures electronic instrumentation products and systems for field monitoring and data acquisition applications. Geomation customers include large industrial concerns, government agencies, and electric, water supply, and water reclamation utilities. Applications for Geomation equipment range from dam safety, to landslide monitoring, tunnel & other civil construction monitoring, and environmental monitoring.

Geomation has introduced the OutDAQ platform of products in recent years, providing unprecedented installation flexibility for widely disbursed instrumentation in mixed environments. The revolutionary i/oXBUSTM allows economical wireless extension of measurements into single-point remote locations. Geomation OutPAKs and i/oXPAKs allow for simple system component installations in outdoor environments with minimum site preparation.

OutDAQ introduces the benefits of industry standards to remote instrumentation users: Industry standards for network communication protocols and data exchange between servers and clients.

Geomation had selected OPC Systems.NET from Open Automation Software for its client software package, offering extensive capabilities for data logging, trending, alarm monitoring, graphic HMIs, and multi-user network and web access. We have adopted the name of Geonet OPC Systems, retaining trademark rights in our legacy software name. Geomation provides system integration and training with Geonet OPC Systems.

Publish Date: October 7th 2008


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