Blue Pillar: Avise Energy Management System for hospitals using OAS

Blue Pillar has implemented Open Automation Software to gather data from OAS Servers and custom Visual Studio application data to create a comprehensive energy management system for hospitals called Avise.

What Avise does: With Avise, you’ll gain unprecedented insight into the health and readiness of your emergency power assets.

Comprehensive real-time engine and ATS monitoring of data points presented in auto-generated screens
Anywhere/anytime 24x7x365 access
— Receive real-time data from your cohesive depms network from any web-enabled computer whether it’s on-site, or remotely located
Web cam with audio for remote real-time generator monitoring
Custom screen capabilities including fully-featured animated one line displays

Remote initiation of Joint Commission-required load EPSS tests
Configurable test options and setup support each site’s special needs
such as pre/post checklist, partial system tests, 30% load enforcement; supporting the simplest to most complex power architectures.

Emergency Management
Round-the-clock monitoring of system status
Immediate notification of emergency events
Detailed reports for post-emergency analysis
Save time by using an emergency as a monthly test

Data Logging
Variety of logging types — event, historical, archival, and testing
Supports multiple logging destinations for redundancy and disaster planning
Supports database and/or file-based logging
Configurable log rates that allow customization of logging strategies to meet all your needs
Alarm notifications sent to personnel via email
Alarm interface included on detail and summary screens, with a summary display available from everywhere in the application
Supports both database and file-based logging

“Open Automation Software is a product that takes all of the work out of creating .Net applications that quickly address the business needs at hand. Instead of spending hours upon hours creating OAS level communications and worrying about functionality such as data logging, alarming, remote communication, and GUI component develop, this toolkit provides this functionality at our fingertips that allows us to very quickly get an enterprise-level application based on the .Net framework up and running very quickly. Scalability? Not a problem…” Brad Witter – CTO and Co-founder Blue Pillar, Inc.

Publish Date: October 7th 2008


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