Writing Data from Raspberry Pi to OAS REST API

Move device data into OAS using the REST API with a Raspberry Pi and your programming language of choice.

Use Cases  Writing Data from Raspberry Pi to OAS REST API


To move data into OAS from either hardware connected to, or an application running on, a Raspberry Pi. OAS tag data can easily be written to by executing HTTP calls to the REST API. Of course, if your solution requires reading data from OAS back to the Raspberry Pi, you are still fully supported.

Solution Description

For external systems, such as the Raspberry Pi, OAS provides the REST API which allows for a common method of reading and writing tag data in and out of an OAS installation, using ubiquitous technologies like JSON and HTTP. While Python libraries are well-supported for the Raspberry Pi, using the REST API you can develop a solution in your language of choice. For further implementation details, see the Raspberry Pi/ REST API example.

OAS Components Used

This example Use Case utilizes the following OAS Platform Components and can be deployed in many different configurations to achieve the best performance and reliability:


Whether reading or writing data, any external source or destination system can utilize the REST API over HTTP
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