Modbus SCADA / HMI

Create enterprise SCADA applications to run on your LAN/WAN or across the internet interfacing with Modbus devices.

Use Cases  Modbus SCADA / HMI


Develop enterprise level SCADA or HMI applications connecting to Modbus devices

Supported Modbus Protocols

Ethernet and Serial for all protocols:

  • TCP
  • RTU

OAS Components Used

This example Use Case utilizes the following OAS Platform Components and can be deployed in many different configurations to achieve the best performance and reliability:

Solution Description

Modbus devices can be connected directly to the OAS Universal Data Connector using the Modbus Connector. This achieves the fastest data transfer and supports native features of the controllers. Data points are then mapped to Tags within the OAS service and are then available to all components of the OAS Platform. Using OAS WPF create secure world class SCADA applications that will run as a stand alone system or across the local area network, wide area network or across the internet. With OAS there is no per seat licensing so you are free to develop many applications to read and write to multiple PLCs and run your applications on multiple systems without increased cost.

Visualize data from Modbus devices in a WPF application.

When deploying an enterprise SCADA solutions with the OAS Platform where multiple physical locations are involved, you can also choose to deploy an instance of the OAS Universal Data Connector on each location’s network, ensuring all data points are accessible locally or remotely.

Visualizing data from multiple sites with PLCs and local OAS services for data transfer.


WPF HMI Features


  • Develop applications in Visual Studio without the limitations of proprietary IDEs.
  • Create multiple application geared to different target audiences
  • Deploy your applications using One Click deployment
  • Unleash the power of Visual Studio with C# or VB.Net programming
  • Build applications that automatically scale to the monitor resolution
  • Build applications that programmatically configure the OAS Service
  • Build applications using any standard graphics
  • Create applications that go way beyond the typical SCADA system including business applications that are starving for real time data

Built in Calculation Engine:
use the OAS calculation engine to perform complex calculations on multiple items and transfer to your WPF SCADA application or back to the PLC.

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