The Complete HMI SCADA .NET toolkit for Developers

Open Automation Software gives developers a full featured toolkit for creating HMI and SCADA applications in a .NET  environment.

Using OAS you can build highly interactive UIs and visualizations for desktop and mobile clients incorporating world class graphics and animation.

Designed for Open Access

OAS products don’t place constraints on developers. With OAS you develop your HMI solutions using open, non-proprietary technologies.

The OAS product line is designed from top to bottom to provide open, programmatic access to all OAS controls, data and communications components. Unlike many HMI development tools, OAS promotes the free flow of data and supports a wide array of 3rd party controls and add-ins. You can develop HMI and SCADA applications using your preferred  graphics development software such as Autocad, SketchUp or SolidWorks.

All this combines to gives developers the freedom to build HMI solutions that meet business requirements and work seamlessly on the destination platform.

Complete HMI SCADA .NET toolkit

PCL xamarin cross platform HMI SCADA .NET


Use Portable Class Libraries to Develop Cross-platform HMI & SCADA Apps

Build native cross platform Xamarin apps that put real-time data at the field worker’s fingertips with the our PCL SDK

With Portable Class Libraries (PCL) you can work in your preferred development environment such as Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio and then choose which destination platforms to target – Android, iOS, Windows Phone and many others.


Develop HMI Solutions in Industry Leading IDEs

With OAS you work in a full-featured Integrated Development Environment that you’re most used to.

Our products provide open access to OAS controls and components from within IDEs such as Microsoft Visual Studio,  Xamarin Studio and Microsoft Blend. All components are 100% managed.

OAS provides .NET controls and real-time data communications components for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications or classic WinForm apps

Support for industry leading IDEs means you get to work with the very latest product features and benefit from the knowledge of a huge developer community.

Work in a familiar .NET environment

OAS products support the full range of .NET languages including C#, Visual C++ and VB.Net.In the .NET environment all WPF applications are screen resolution independent.

Open Automation Software’s .NET product range empowers developers and non-programmers alike to create powerful HMI and SCADA applications.



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