Open Automation Software’s Web HMI product provides web-based access to your automation data.

Using Web HMI you can view your data over standard web interfaces, effectively removing the barriers between your staff and your machines.

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mobile-web-hmi-web-appHave OAS design and develop your HMI web apps

OAS understands you and your team are focussed on core business. Allocating staff to design and develop a web interface for your HMI applications is not always practical or even desirable.

You’ll be happy to know you can let the team at Open Automation Software do the heavy lifting for you.

How it happens

Our consultants will work with you to design and develop an attractive, easy to use web interface for displaying HMI dashboards on any web enabled device or browser. This is a full service offering that delivers a turnkey web solution for your HMI web applications.

We’ll work through a structured development process which involves you in key design decisions while keeping your time commitment to a minimum.

Why use OAS to develop your web app?

OAS is the logical choice for developing your HMI web app.

Most importantly we know your business and its HMI needs. Our in-depth knowledge of our WebHMI product coupled with rock solid web design and development skills means we excel at getting your process data to display beautifully over a web interface. Your can be sure your data will be highly accessible and look great in a custom designed web app that aligns with your corporate branding.

Rapid deployment

We can deploy your web-based HMI application in quick time and for less money than you might think. Whatever your needs you can be sure the end product will be optimized for any browser and device combination – desktop or mobile.


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