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Collection of commonly used HMI graphics for industry 4.0 applications

Looking for FREE HMI Graphics for use in your user interface visualization application?

The free Open Automation Software HMI graphics library includes common industry symbols for use in manufacturing, HVAC, water, waste water, and industrial user interface applications.
All of the following symbols are rendered in high quality from multiple perspectives in red, green, blue, grey, and yellow colors.

tank symbols
Water Tower HMI Symbol Closed Valve HMI Symbol Huge Tank HMI Symbol Large Water Tower HMI Symbol
Motor HMI Symbol Open Valve HMI Symbol Pipe Elbow L Bend HMI Symbol Pipe Tee HMI Symbol
Pump HMI Symbol Rotating Valve HMI Symbol Straight Pipe HMI Symbol Tank 3 HMI Symbol
Water Clarifier HMI Symbol Water Filter Bed HMI Symbol Water Treatment Filter Bed Cutaway HMI Symbol Water Treatment Filter Bed HMI Symbol

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