All Open Automation Software products run on a Distributed Network Architecture (DNA). This approach to data networking blows away typical cloud architectures.

Using DNA you can access data around the world with a standard PC and Internet connection at both client and server systems. You can host live data with a standard Internet connection from anywhere in the world for any number of data sources and clients.

What about typical cloud architectures?

With typical network cloud systems, data is pushed up to a server and then pulled back down by clients. Great for videos, pictures, music, documents, but not a good design for realtime data! If data does not reside at the source the data quality, freshness of data, accuracy of data, and speed of delivery is affected using this architecture.


Service Oriented Architecture further improves data reliability

Open Automation Software runs as a Service Oriented Architecture with innovative server to server and client to server communications. In this design there is no data loss on a network failure and the quality and freshness of data is guaranteed.

More Networking Features

For more information about networking with OAS product see our Networking page

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