Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a newer version of Microsoft’s Windows Forms product.

What is WPF

What is WPF used for?

WPF (and the original Windows Forms) are suited to creating desktop applications that run on a Windows operating system. Both platforms can produce Smart Client applications. See

Windows Forms has been around for as long as the .NET product, and arguably the most popular Windows Desktop application development since Visual Basic 6.

What is WPF?

Moving from Windows Forms to WPF

WPF provides much needed upgrades to the Windows Forms user Interface (UI) and also provides some specific programmatic advantages. It is not too difficult for someone who is competent in Windows Forms to upgrade their skill set to WPF as most of the code is similar. It doesn’t matter whether you are comfortable in writing C# or VB.Net applications.

Greater Flexibility and Improved Interface

The big difference is in the added flexibility and improved visual aspects of the interface. It all adds up to creating more engaging application in a shorter period of time with much less effort and coding.

Transforms, Storyboards and Animations

In WPF objects are easily rotated, sized, scaled and skewed without any code. WPF also offers the ability to create Storyboards. In short, Storyboard allows you to create real-time animation on the objects, for example, move, scale, rotate, change the color etc. over a time period.

Create screen resolution independent applications

One other major advantage the WPF has is the ability to create applications that are screen resolution independent. Your application will look just as nice on 600 x 800 as it does on high definition without having to rebuild you application.

WPF ideal for HMI and SCADA applications

WPF is a great choice for HMI and SCADA applications. Sure you can have an HMI or SCADA system based on Windows Forms, but if you are looking to do more than static images and text, WPF in a far better platform.

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