Programmatic Setup of OAS Configurations

OAS REST API Configuration

Open Automation Software now support all configuration properties through the OAS REST API.  This allows you to develop automated configuration of OAS servers using any language or platform. Configuration through the REST API is a free feature included in all OAS engines. Now you can read, write, and update individual configurations, or create bulk configurations in a single call. This includes Tag creation, Communication Drivers, Data Logging, Security, and more.

Visit to view syntax for all available configuration types under the Server Configuration folder.

  • Tags
  • Drivers
  • Data Logging
  • Alarm Logging
  • Alarm Notification
  • AE OPC Servers
  • Save and Load Configurations
  • Reports
  • Recipes
  • UDP Broadcast/Receive
  • Security and Users
  • Live Data Cloud
  • Global Server Options

View the Getting Started – REST API article in our knowledge base to view and easy to follow guide on how to get connected with OAS configurations and a video on what is REST API and how to access live data.

View the following video on how to interface with live data for both read and write access from data sources like Modbus, Allen Bradley, Siemens, MQTT, OPC UA, AWS IoT, and several other Industry 4.0 data sources.

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