hex-security-feature-graphicHow our systems protect your data on networks

With any Open Automation Software, security is built in thanks to the way in which our network communications work.

Our system utilizes both hardware and software technology to protect your information. Data is sent through a lightweight protocol with compressed, securely encrypted data packets. These encrypted packets can be transferred at extremely fast speeds with multiple values in each packet.

The quality of your data is assured with full client and server confirmation of data delivery, end to end. There’s also individual user security setup on data servers, providing client access to live data, historical data, and configuration.

No data loss on network failures

One of the great benefits of hosting data directly from the source, is that in the event of network failure, there’s no data loss.

So, whether you’re receiving data, alarm and access logs, or monitoring production in a remote location, nothing is lost due to dropped networks.

Just take a look at how our network architecture stacks up against typical cloud architectures:

Network Feature


Typical Cloud

Accurate Live Data Included Missing
No Data Loss on Network Failure Included Missing
Small Compressed Packet Size Included Missing
Open TCP Transport
WCF and/or REST
Included Unknown
High Speed Throughput < 50 ms Included Missing
Verification of Delivery of Data
Source to Destination
Included Missing
Data Resolution of 100 Nanoseconds Included Missing
Encrypted Secure Data Packets Included Unknown
Fastest Communication Possible
No Database Required
Included Missing

Iot Network Solutions

We’re proud to offer a range of network forwarding, redirect, and hosting solutions that can work in any combination to securely send and receive data through corporate networks, with or without the internet.

Find out more about our IoT network solutions:

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