Security has always been a top priority at Open Automation Software and we are continually reviewing and enhancing our security practices to stay current with the latest technology. Version 17 of the software has included some next-level enhancements to ensure that we are THE platform you will want to trust your SCADA system to.

Secure software relies both on the developer and the end user. Security must be built into the software foundation and the end user must use the security features provided. OAS has always provided that secure foundation and Version 17 has upped the game and also made end user utilization of security features a priority.

Pre-Configured Security Groups

The software now loads with a pre-configured Admin Security Group.  Upon installation, users are prompted to create an admin user and access is prohibited until that admin user has been created.  Security is now only configurable by an authenticated user with assigned access to this feature.  The Default security group, for unauthenticated users, is now locked down allowing only limited functionality.  OAS has always allowed the creation of multiple Security Groups where administrators can secure any feature, even down to the individual tags and tag groups.  This remains and continues to allows end users to customize security to meet their needs. 

User Credential Encryption

User Credential Encryption

Version 17 of OAS has widened encryption strategies to include database authentication, user credentials and all configuration calls.  V17 implements a new encryption methodology that allows it to provide extended encryption utilizing AES encryption while increasing the speed of data transfer.

Secure Client Server Handshaking

Secure Client Server Handshaking

Each client server transaction now includes a unique 64-bit identifier allowing OAS to securely transport your data.

Data Packet Encryption

New Data Packet Encryption

In addition to broadening the scope of encryption, V17 of OAS had entirely reworked its encryption process.  Data packets are now 3-9 times smaller allowing for much faster transfer speed.  This new method provides superior security and gets it done faster!

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