OAS expands platform compatibility

Open Automation Software has always been dedicated to moving data between any system in an open format. With the release of the Universal Driver Interface (UDI), OAS expanded integration possibilities by allowing custom communications drivers to be written by developers, and deployed to platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, and even iOS and Android devices. This was all made possible by building the UDI on the .NET Standard Framework.

Now, OAS has released versions of our .NET Data Connector components built upon the .NET Standard. These two components can be used to read and write real time data, as well as automate OAS Platform configuration, and now can be added to applications deployed across platforms.

New applications can now be developed such as:

  • HMIs and dashboards running on a Linux computer
  • Server administration tools running on a handheld iOS or Android device
  • Automated configuration and deployment tools that can be used on either Windows or Mac desktops

.NET Standard Architecture

.NET Standard components support development in .NET Core and full .NET Framework applications. This allows you to build either targeted platform solutions, or reusable libraries that can be deployed to any supported platform. All implementations of the .NET runtime support .NET Standard components, so you have the flexibility to choose your target platform.

.NET Standard components provide deployment flexibility

The OAS Platform now ships with the two components needed to build your own .NET Standard based solutions:

  • OASConfig.dll
    Used to automate all aspects of OAS Server configuration. Create and modify tag configurations, data logging, user and group security and more.
  • OASData.dll
    Read and write both real time and historical data. This component can be used to build user interfaces or to integrate your systems, acting as new data sources.

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