Frequently Asked Questions

Can users outside of my local network access the UIEngine?

Yes, but only if your OAS server can be reached outside of your local network. Since the OAS server acts as both the application and web servers, your users will need either a public IP address or a domain name to access it.

Can I set up a custom domain name for the UIEngine?

Yes, if your OAS server has a public IP address, you can map a domain name to the server within your own DNS.

Can I create my own Components for the UIEngine?

Not at this time. All of the Components are tightly integrated into the UIEngine and OAS Server APIs, but if you have suggestions for new Components or features, we are always looking for inspiration.
Please contact with your ideas.

Can I create my own SVG symbols?

Yes. You can use any SVG with the Symbol Component. However, if you want to bind specific elements within the SVG to the stroke, fill, and shadow properties of the Symbol, you will need to design the structure of your SVG to match those supplied by OAS. For more information on how to do this, see the Symbol Creation Guide (TBD).

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