Write OPCItems Synchronously

  • This is a synchronous write to OPC Items on OPC Servers.
    • This is a blocking call.
    • Returns the status of success or failure as integers.
    • The Errors array will be set to 0 for success, 1 for failure, 2 for timeout response, 3 for invalid array size.
    • The Timeout is in milliseconds and the default is 10 seconds.
  • The Errors array will be sized to the same length as your Tags array.
  • The following values will be returned to you in the Int32 array you pass.
    • 0 = Write was successful.
    • 1 = Error in writing to OPC Item.
    • 2 = Timeout waiting for response from server.
    • 3 = Tag array did not match the size of the Values array.
  • Example of Kepware OPC Server